What services do we provide?
   Mowing, trimming, seasonal cleanups, roto-tilling of vegetable and flower gardens, gutter cleaning,
   shrub removal, storm cleanups including cutting up of downed trees and limbs.
   Snowblowing of driveways and walks. Brush Mowing. Tame those blueberries & mountain laural.
   Refuse removal and we’ll take your junk to the dump. Trailer/driver for whatever project you might
   have. Rent a helper, maybe you just need another hand to help you.  
What locations do we cover?
   We will work in Kerhonkson, Olive Bridge, Stone Ridge, Accord, West Shokan, NY.
What size property will we mow?
   We will mow from small yards to a few acres. We currently service properties up to 4 acres in size.
How much do we charge?
   The cost is dependent on a few things, including services requested, size, terrain, linear feet to
   be trimmed or weeded and amount of trees. Call for a free estimate!
How often do we mow?
   It is best to mow weekly and not cut more than 1/3 of the grass. This is what we prefer.
   But we realize that some people just can’t afford that. So we will mow on a bi-weekly basis for an
   additional amount, due to the increase in time needed and wear and tear on my machines.
   We will also mow as an on call basis for an hourly fee.
How do we schedule our clients?
   We try to schedule our business clients early in the week and our homeowners are scheduled
   Tuesday through Thursday.
Do we offer to spread fertilizer?
   Absolutely and we will advise if we think it’s needed. However most people over fertilize.
   A weed & Feed type fertilizer in the Spring for the lawn and Milorganite in the fall are all most
   lawns need. A simple 5-10-5 tilled into your garden in the spring will do wonders for your
   vegetables and flowers.
How much do we charge for Roto-Tilling?
   Preexisting vegetable and flower gardens are 15 cents a square foot.
   So if your garden is 25x25 it would be $93.75. A 20x50 garden would be $150.
Do we cut down trees?
   Not usually. But we will cut up downed trees and branches and remove the wood for you.
Do we do snow removal?
   Yes! We have a nice size snow blower that will shoot the snow away from your drive and walk areas.
   Safe for you driveway and guaranteed not to knock down your burning bushes! We can make a
   path to your propane tank or wood shed and clear a place for your animals to do their business.
   We can also treat your walks and drive with sand or ice-melt if your request.
Who will be directing work on my property?
   I will, Peter Mortensen! I may bring help if needed, but I will be completing or directing all activities.
Do we have a drug or alcohol policy?
   Yes we do! No one working will be under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance.
Are we a registered business?
   Yes! We are registered as Servant’s Heart-Hired Hands in Ulster County, NY.
How do we get paid?
   We accept cash, check and PayPal.
What if I still have questions?
   You can call or write and we will answer any questions you have personally. Generally, we are working
   during the day and will answer calls or emails in the evening. Let us know when you are available and
   we will call you at that time.
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Servant’s Heart Hired Hands
Peter Mortensen
Servant’s Heart ~ Hired Hands
Peter Mortensen, Servant in Charge
PO Box 603  Kerhonkson, NY 12446